49 USC 47106 - Project grant application approval conditioned on satisfaction of project requirements

(a) Project Grant Application Approval.— 
The Secretary of Transportation may approve an application under this subchapter for a project grant only if the Secretary is satisfied that
(1) the project is consistent with plans (existing at the time the project is approved) of public agencies authorized by the State in which the airport is located to plan for the development of the area surrounding the airport;
(2) the project will contribute to carrying out this subchapter;
(3) enough money is available to pay the project costs that will not be paid by the United States Government under this subchapter;

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(4) the project will be completed without unreasonable delay; and
(5) the sponsor has authority to carry out the project as proposed.
(b) Airport Development Project Grant Application Approval.— 
The Secretary may approve an application under this subchapter for an airport development project grant for an airport only if the Secretary is satisfied that
(1) the sponsor, a public agency, or the Government holds good title to the areas of the airport used or intended to be used for the landing, taking off, or surface maneuvering of aircraft, or that good title will be acquired;
(2) the interests of the community in or near which the project may be located have been given fair consideration; and
(3) the application provides touchdown zone and centerline runway lighting, high intensity runway lighting, or land necessary for installing approach light systems that the Secretary, considering the category of the airport and the kind and volume of traffic using it, decides is necessary for safe and efficient use of the airport by aircraft.
(c) Environmental Requirements.— 

(1) The Secretary may approve an application under this subchapter for an airport development project involving the location of an airport or runway or a major runway extension
(A) only if the sponsor certifies to the Secretary that
(i) an opportunity for a public hearing was given to consider the economic, social, and environmental effects of the location and the locations consistency with the objectives of any planning that the community has carried out;

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(ii) the airport management board has voting representation from the communities in which the project is located or has advised the communities that they have the right to petition the Secretary about a proposed project; and
(iii) with respect to an airport development project involving the location of an airport, runway, or major runway extension at a medium or large hub airport, the airport sponsor has made available to and has provided upon request to the metropolitan planning organization in the area in which the airport is located, if any, a copy of the proposed amendment to the airport layout plan to depict the project and a copy of any airport master plan in which the project is described or depicted; and
(B) if the application is found to have a significant adverse effect on natural resources, including fish and wildlife, natural, scenic, and recreation assets, water and air quality, or another factor affecting the environment, only after finding that no possible and prudent alternative to the project exists and that every reasonable step has been taken to minimize the adverse effect.
(2) The Secretary may approve an application under this subchapter for an airport development project that does not involve the location of an airport or runway, or a major runway extension, at an existing airport without requiring an environmental impact statement related to noise for the project if
(A) completing the project would allow operations at the airport involving aircraft complying with the noise standards prescribed for stage 3 aircraft in section 36.1 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, to replace existing operations involving aircraft that do not comply with those standards; and
(B) the project meets the other requirements under this subchapter.
(3) At the Secretarys request, the sponsor shall give the Secretary a copy of the transcript of any hearing held under paragraph (1)(A) of this subsection.
(4) The Secretary may make a finding under paragraph (1)(B) of this subsection only after completely reviewing the matter. The review and finding must be a matter of public record.
(d) Withholding Approval.— 

(1) The Secretary may withhold approval of an application under this subchapter for amounts apportioned under section 47114 (c) and (e) of this title for violating an assurance or requirement of this subchapter only if
(A) the Secretary provides the sponsor an opportunity for a hearing; and
(B) not later than 180 days after the later of the date of the application or the date the Secretary discovers the noncompliance, the Secretary finds that a violation has occurred.
(2) The 180-day period may be extended by
(A) agreement between the Secretary and the sponsor; or
(B) the hearing officer if the officer decides an extension is necessary because the sponsor did not follow the schedule the officer established.
(3) A person adversely affected by an order of the Secretary withholding approval may obtain review of the order by filing a petition in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit or in the court of appeals of the United States for the circuit in which the project is located. The action must be brought not later than 60 days after the order is served on the petitioner.
(e) Reports Relating to Construction of Certain New Hub Airports.— 
At least 90 days prior to the approval under this subchapter of a project grant application for construction of a new hub airport that is expected to have 0.25 percent or more of the total annual enplanements in the United States, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a report analyzing the anticipated impact of such proposed new airport on
(1) the fees charged to air carriers (including landing fees), and other costs that will be incurred by air carriers, for using the proposed airport;
(2) air transportation that will be provided in the geographic region of the proposed airport; and
(3) the availability and cost of providing air transportation to rural areas in such geographic region.
(f) Competition Plans.— 

(1) Prohibition.— 
Beginning in fiscal year 2001, no passenger facility fee may be approved for a covered airport under section 40117 and no grant may be made under this subchapter for a covered airport unless the airport has submitted to the Secretary a written competition plan in accordance with this subsection.
(2) Contents.— 
A competition plan under this subsection shall include information on the availability of airport gates and related facilities, leasing and sub-leasing arrangements, gate-use requirements, patterns of air service, gate-assignment policy, financial constraints, airport controls over air- and ground-side capacity, whether the airport intends to build or acquire gates that would be used as common facilities, and airfare levels (as compiled by the Department of Transportation) compared to other large airports.
(3) Special rule for fiscal year 2002.— 
This subsection does not apply to any passenger facility fee approved, or grant made, in fiscal year 2002 if the fee or grant is to be used to improve security at a covered airport.
(4) Covered airport defined.— 
In this subsection, the term covered airport means a commercial service airport
(A) that has more than .25 percent of the total number of passenger boardings each year at all such airports; and
(B) at which one or two air carriers control more than 50 percent of the passenger boardings.
(g) Consultation With Secretary of Homeland Security.— 
The Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of Homeland Security before approving an application under this subchapter for an airport development project grant for activities described in section 47102 (3)(B)(ii) only as they relate to security equipment or section 47102 (3)(B)(x) only as they relate to installation of bulk explosive detection system.