49 USC 47105 - Project grant applications

(a) Submission and Consultation.— 

(1) An application for a project grant under this subchapter may be submitted to the Secretary of Transportation by
(A) a sponsor; or
(B) a State, as the only sponsor, for an airport development project benefitting 1 or more airports in the State or for airport planning for projects for 1 or more airports in the State if

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(i) the sponsor of each airport gives written consent that the State be the applicant;
(ii) the Secretary is satisfied there is administrative merit and aeronautical benefit in the State being the sponsor; and
(iii) an acceptable agreement exists that ensures that the State will comply with appropriate grant conditions and other assurances the Secretary requires.
(2) Before deciding to undertake an airport development project at an airport under this subchapter, a sponsor shall consult with the airport users that will be affected by the project.
(3) This subsection does not authorize a public agency that is subject to the laws of a State to apply for a project grant in violation of a law of the State.
(b) Contents and Form.— 
An application for a project grant under this subchapter
(1) shall describe the project proposed to be undertaken;
(2) may propose a project only for a public-use airport included in the current national plan of integrated airport systems;
(3) may propose airport development only if the development complies with standards the Secretary prescribes or approves, including standards for site location, airport layout, site preparation, paving, lighting, and safety of approaches; and
(4) shall be in the form and contain other information the Secretary prescribes.

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(c) State Standards for Airport Development.— 
The Secretary may approve standards (except standards for safety of approaches) that a State prescribes for airport development at nonprimary public-use airports in the State. On approval under this subsection, a States standards apply to the nonprimary public-use airports in the State instead of the comparable standards prescribed by the Secretary under subsection (b)(3) of this section. The Secretary, or the State with the approval of the Secretary, may revise standards approved under this subsection.
(d) Certification of Compliance.— 
The Secretary may require a sponsor to certify that the sponsor will comply with this subchapter in carrying out the project. The Secretary may rescind the acceptance of a certification at any time. This subsection does not affect an obligation or responsibility of the Secretary under another law of the United States.
(e) Preventive Maintenance.— 
After January 1, 1995, the Secretary may approve an application under this subchapter for the replacement or reconstruction of pavement at an airport only if the sponsor has provided such assurances or certifications as the Secretary may determine appropriate that such airport has implemented an effective airport pavement maintenance-management program. The Secretary may require such reports on pavement condition and pavement management programs as the Secretary determines may be useful.
(f) Notification.— 
The sponsor of an airport for which an amount is apportioned under section 47114 (c) of this title shall notify the Secretary of the fiscal year in which the sponsor intends to submit a project grant application for the apportioned amount. The notification shall be given by the time and contain the information the Secretary prescribes.