42 USC 8626a - Incentive program for leveraging non-Federal resources

(a) Allotment of funds 
Beginning in fiscal year 1992, the Secretary may allocate amounts appropriated under section 8621 (d) of this title to provide supplementary funds to States that have acquired non-Federal leveraged resources for the program established under this subchapter.
(b) “Leveraged resources” defined 
For purposes of this section, the term leveraged resources means the benefits made available to the low-income home energy assistance program of the State, or to federally qualified low-income households, that
(1) represent a net addition to the total energy resources available to State and federally qualified households in excess of the amount of such resources that could be acquired by such households through the purchase of energy at commonly available household rates; and
(A) result from the acquisition or development by the State program of quantifiable benefits that are obtained from energy vendors through negotiation, regulation or competitive bid; or
(B) are appropriated or mandated by the State for distribution
(i) through the State program; or
(ii) under the plan referred to in section 8624 (c)(1)(A) of this title to federally qualified low-income households and such benefits are determined by the Secretary to be integrated with the State program.
(c) Formula for distribution of amounts 

(1) Distribution of amounts made available under this section shall be based on a formula developed by the Secretary that is designed to take into account the success in leveraging existing appropriations in the preceding fiscal year as measured under subsection (d) of this section. Such formula shall take into account the size of the allocation of the State under this subchapter and the ratio of leveraged resources to such allocation.
(2) A State may expend funds allocated under this subchapter as are necessary, not to exceed 0.08 percent of such allocation or $35,000 each fiscal year, whichever is greater, to identify, develop, and demonstrate leveraging programs. Funds allocated under this section shall only be used for increasing or maintaining benefits to households.
(d) Dollar value of leveraged resources 
Each State shall quantify the dollar value of leveraged resources received or acquired by such State under this section by using the best available data to calculate such leveraged resources less the sum of any costs incurred by the State to leverage such resources and any cost imposed on the federally eligible low-income households in such State.
(e) Report to Secretary 
Not later than 2 months after the close of the fiscal year during which the State provided leveraged resources to eligible households, as described in subsection (b) of this section, each State shall prepare and submit, to the Secretary, a report that quantifies the leveraged resources of such State in order to qualify for assistance under this section for the following fiscal year.
(f) Determination of State share; regulations; documentation 
The Secretary shall determine the share of each State of the amounts made available under this section based on the formula described in subsection (c) of this section and the State reports. The Secretary shall promulgate regulations for the calculation of the leveraged resources of the State and for the submission of supporting documentation. The Secretary may request any documentation that the Secretary determines necessary for the verification of the application of the State for assistance under this section.