42 USC 1395z - Consultation with State agencies and other organizations to develop conditions of participation for providers of services

In carrying out his functions, relating to determination of conditions of participation by providers of services, under subsections (e)(9), (f)(4), (j)(15),1 (o)(6), (cc)(2)(I), and[2] (dd)(2), and (mm)(1) of section 1395x of this title, or by ambulatory surgical centers under section 1395k (a)(2)(F)(i) of this title, the Secretary shall consult with appropriate State agencies and recognized national listing or accrediting bodies, and may consult with appropriate local agencies. Such conditions prescribed under any of such subsections may be varied for different areas or different classes of institutions or agencies and may, at the request of a State, provide higher requirements for such State than for other States; except that, in the case of any State or political subdivision of a State which imposes higher requirements on institutions as a condition to the purchase of services (or of certain specified services) in such institutions under a State plan approved under subchapter I, XVI, or XIX of this chapter, the Secretary shall impose like requirements as a condition to the payment for services (or for the services specified by the State or subdivision) in such institutions in such State or subdivision.
[1] See References in Text note below.
[2] So in original. The word “and” probably should not appear.