25 USC 1621d - Hospice care feasibility study

(a) Duty of Secretary 
The Secretary, acting through the Service and in consultation with representatives of Indian tribes, tribal organizations, Indian Health Service personnel, and hospice providers, shall conduct a study
(1) to assess the feasibility and desirability of furnishing hospice care to terminally ill Indians; and
(2) to determine the most efficient and effective means of furnishing such care.
(b) Functions of study 
Such study shall

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(1) assess the impact of Indian culture and beliefs concerning death and dying on the provision of hospice care to Indians;
(2) estimate the number of Indians for whom hospice care may be appropriate and determine the geographic distribution of such individuals;
(3) determine the most appropriate means to facilitate the participation of Indian tribes and tribal organizations in providing hospice care;
(4) identify and evaluate various means for providing hospice care, including
(A) the provision of such care by the personnel of a Service hospital pursuant to a hospice program established by the Secretary at such hospital; and
(B) the provision of such care by a community-based hospice program under contract to the Service; and
(5) identify and assess any difficulties in furnishing such care and the actions needed to resolve such difficulties.
(c) Report to Congress 
Not later than the date which is 12 months after October 29, 1992, the Secretary shall transmit to the Congress a report containing
(1) a detailed description of the study conducted pursuant to this section; and
(2) a discussion of the findings and conclusions of such study.

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(d) Definitions 
For the purposes of this section
(1) the term terminally ill means any Indian who has a medical prognosis (as certified by a physician) of a life expectancy of six months or less; and
(2) the term hospice program means any program which satisfies the requirements of section 1395x (dd)((2) of title 42; and
(3) the term hospice care means the items and services specified in subparagraphs (A) through (H) of section 1395x (dd)(1) of title 42.