25 USC 1621c - Diabetes prevention, treatment, and control

(a) Incidence and complications 
The Secretary, in consultation with the tribes, shall determine
(1) by tribe and by Service unit of the Service, the incidence of, and the types of complications resulting from, diabetes among Indians; and
(2) based on paragraph (1), the measures (including patient education) each Service unit should take to reduce the incidence of, and prevent, treat, and control the complications resulting from, diabetes among tribes within that Service unit.
(b) Screening 
The Secretary shall screen each Indian who receives services from the Service for diabetes and for conditions which indicate a high risk that the individual will become diabetic. Such screening may be done by a tribe or tribal organization operating health care programs or facilities with funds from the Service under the Indian Self-Determination Act [25 U.S.C. 450f et seq.].

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(c) Model diabetes projects 

(1) The Secretary shall continue to maintain through fiscal year 2000 each model diabetes project in existence on October 29, 1992, and located
(A) at the Claremore Indian Hospital in Oklahoma;
(B) at the Fort Totten Health Center in North Dakota;
(C) at the Sacaton Indian Hospital in Arizona;
(D) at the Winnebago Indian Hospital in Nebraska;
(E) at the Albuquerque Indian Hospital in New Mexico;
(F) at the Perry, Princeton, and Old Town Health Centers in Maine;
(G) at the Bellingham Health Center in Washington;
(H) at the Fort Berthold Reservation;

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(I) at the Navajo Reservation;
(J) at the Papago Reservation;
(K) at the Zuni Reservation; or
(L) in the States of Alaska, California, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, or Utah.
(2) The Secretary may establish new model diabetes projects under this section taking into consideration applications received under this section from all service areas, except that the Secretary may not establish a greater number of such projects in one service area than in any other service area until there is an equal number of such projects established with respect to all service areas from which the Secretary receives qualified applications during the application period (as determined by the Secretary).
(d) Control officer; registry of patients 
The Secretary shall
(1) employ in each area office of the Service at least one diabetes control officer who shall coordinate and manage on a full-time basis activities within that area office for the prevention, treatment, and control of diabetes;
(2) establish in each area office of the Service a registry of patients with diabetes to track the incidence of diabetes and the complications from diabetes in that area;
(3) ensure that data collected in each area office regarding diabetes and related complications among Indians is disseminated to all other area offices; and
(4) evaluate the effectiveness of services provided through model diabetes projects established under this section.
(e) Authorization of appropriations 
Funds appropriated under this section in any fiscal year shall be in addition to base resources appropriated to the Service for that year.