44 USC 2106 - Reports to Congress

The Archivist shall submit to the Congress, in January of each year and at such other times as the Archivist finds appropriate, a report concerning the administration of functions of the Archivist, the Administration, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and the National Archives Trust Fund. Such report shall describe
(1) program administration and expenditures of funds, both appropriated and nonappropriated, by the Administration, the Commission, and the Trust Fund Board;
(2) research projects and publications undertaken by Commission grantees, and by Trust Fund grantees, including detailed information concerning the receipt and use of all appropriated and nonappropriated funds;
(3) by account, the moneys, securities, and other personal property received and held by the National Archives Trust Fund Board, and of its operations, including a listing of the purposes for which funds are transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration for expenditure to other Federal agencies; and
(4) the matters specified in section 2904 (c)(8) of this title.