44 USC 2904 - General responsibilities for records management

(a) The Archivist shall provide guidance and assistance to Federal agencies with respect to ensuring adequate and proper documentation of the policies and transactions of the Federal Government and ensuring proper records disposition.
(b) The Administrator shall provide guidance and assistance to Federal agencies to ensure economical and effective records management by such agencies.
(c) In carrying out their responsibilities under subsection (a) or (b), respectively, the Archivist and the Administrator shall each have the responsibility
(1) to promulgate standards, procedures, and guidelines with respect to records management and the conduct of records management studies;
(2) to conduct research with respect to the improvement of records management practices and programs;
(3) to collect and disseminate information on training programs, technological developments, and other activities relating to records management;
(4) to establish such interagency committees and boards as may be necessary to provide an exchange of information among Federal agencies with respect to records management;
(5) to direct the continuing attention of Federal agencies and the Congress on the need for adequate policies governing records management;
(6) to conduct records management studies and, in his discretion, designate the heads of executive agencies to conduct records management studies with respect to establishing systems and techniques designed to save time and effort in records management;
(7) to conduct inspections or surveys of the records and the records management programs and practices within and between Federal agencies;
(8) to report to the appropriate oversight and appropriations committees of the Congress and to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget in January of each year and at such other times as the Archivist or the Administrator (as the case may be) deems desirable
(A) on the results of activities conducted pursuant to paragraphs (1) through (7) of this section,
(B) on evaluations of responses by Federal agencies to any recommendations resulting from inspections or studies conducted under paragraphs (6) and (7) of this section, and
(C) to the extent practicable, estimates of costs to the Federal Government resulting from the failure of agencies to implement such recommendations.
(d) In addition, the Administrator, in carrying out subsection (b), shall have the responsibility to promote economy and efficiency in the selection and utilization of space, staff, equipment, and supplies for records management.