7 USC 7512 - Regulations

(a) Issuance 
The Secretary shall issue regulations within 30 days to implement this chapter.
(b) Minimization of regulatory requirements 
In administering this chapter, the Secretary shall minimize, to the maximum extent practicable, the regulatory, recordkeeping, and paperwork requirements imposed on eligible recipient agencies.
(c) Publication in Federal Register 

(1) The Secretary shall as early as feasible but not later than the beginning of each fiscal year, publish in the Federal Register an estimate of the types and quantities of commodities that the Secretary anticipates are likely to be made available under the commodity distribution program under this chapter during the fiscal year.

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(2) The actual types and quantities of commodities made available by the Secretary under this chapter may differ from the estimates made under paragraph (1).
(d) Standards of liability for commodity losses 
The regulations issued by the Secretary under this section shall include provisions that set standards with respect to liability for commodity losses under the program under this chapter in situations in which there is no evidence of negligence or fraud, and conditions for payment to cover such losses. Such provisions shall take into consideration the special needs and circumstances of emergency feeding organizations[1]
(e) Final regulations 
The Secretary is authorized to issue final regulations without first issuing proposed regulations for public comment in order to carry out the provisions of sections 7514 and 7515 of this title. If final regulations are issued without such prior public comment the Secretary shall permit public comment on such regulations, consider pertinent comments, and make modifications of such regulations as appropriate not later than 1 year after September 19, 1988. Such final and modified regulations shall be accompanied by a statement of the basis and purpose for such regulations.
[1] So in original.