7 USC 7507 - State and local supplementation of commodities

(a) Authorization 
The Secretary shall establish procedures under which State and local agencies, charitable institutions, or any other persons may supplement the commodities distributed under the program authorized by this chapter for use by emergency feeding organizations with nutritious and wholesome commodities that such entities or persons donate to State agencies and emergency feeding organizations for distribution, in all or part of the State, in addition to the commodities otherwise made available under this chapter.
(b) Use of funds and facilities 
States and emergency feeding organizations may use the funds appropriated under this chapter and equipment, structures, vehicles, and all other facilities involved in the storage, handling, or distribution of commodities made available under this chapter, and the personnel, both paid or volunteer, involved in such storage, handling, or distribution, to store, handle or distribute commodities donated for the use of emergency feeding organizations under subsection (a) of this section.
(c) Volunteer workers 
State and emergency feeding organizations shall continue, to the maximum extent practicable, to use volunteer workers and commodities and other foodstuffs donated by charitable and other organizations in the operation of the program authorized by this section.