7 USC 2009cc4 - Debentures

(a) In general 
The Secretary may guarantee the timely payment of principal and interest, as scheduled, on debentures issued by any rural business investment company.
(b) Terms and conditions 
The Secretary may make guarantees under this section on such terms and conditions as the Secretary considers appropriate, except that the term of any debenture guaranteed under this section shall not exceed 15 years.
(c) Full faith and credit of the United States 
Section 2009g (i) of this title shall apply to any guarantee under this section.
(d) Maximum guarantee 
Under this section, the Secretary may

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(1) guarantee the debentures issued by a rural business investment company only to the extent that the total face amount of outstanding guaranteed debentures of the rural business investment company does not exceed the lesser of
(A) 300 percent of the private capital of the rural business investment company; or
(B) $105,000,000; and
(2) provide for the use of discounted debentures.