7 USC 1359ii - Appeals

(a) In general 
An appeal may be taken to the Secretary from any decision under section 1359dd of this title establishing allocations of marketing allotments, or under section 1359ff or 1359gg (d) of this title, by any person adversely affected by reason of any such decision.
(b) Procedure 

(1) Notice of appeal 
Any such appeal shall be taken by filing with the Secretary, within 20 days after the decision complained of is effective, notice in writing of the appeal and a statement of the reasons therefor. Unless a later date is specified by the Secretary as part of the Secretarys decision, the decision complained of shall be considered to be effective as of the date on which announcement of the decision is made. The Secretary shall deliver a copy of any notice of appeal to each person shown by the records of the Secretary to be adversely affected by reason of the decision appealed, and shall at all times thereafter permit any such person to inspect and make copies of appellants reasons for the appeal and shall on application permit the person to intervene in the appeal.
(2) Hearing 
The Secretary shall provide each appellant an opportunity for a hearing before an administrative law judge in accordance with sections 554 and 556 of title 5. The expenses for conducting the hearing shall be reimbursed by the Commodity Credit Corporation.