7 USC 1359aa - Definitions

In this subpart:
(1) Human consumption 
The term human consumption, when used in the context of a reference to sugar (whether in the form of sugar, in-process sugar, syrup, molasses, or in some other form) for human consumption, includes sugar for use in human food, beverages, or similar products.
(2) Mainland State 
The term mainland State means a State other than an offshore State.
(3) Market 

(A) In general 
The term market means to sell or otherwise dispose of in commerce in the United States.

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(B) Inclusions 
The term market includes
(i) the forfeiture of sugar under the loan program for sugar established under section 7272 of this title;
(ii) with respect to any integrated processor and refiner, the movement of raw cane sugar into the refining process; and
(iii) the sale of sugar for the production of ethanol or other bioenergy product, if the disposition of the sugar is administered by the Secretary under section 8110 of this title.
(C) Marketing year 
Forfeited sugar described in subparagraph (B)(i) shall be considered to have been marketed during the crop year for which a loan is made under the loan program described in that subparagraph.
(4) Offshore State 
The term offshore State means a sugarcane producing State located outside of the continental United States.
(5) State 
Notwithstanding section 1301 of this title, the term State means
(A) a State;
(B) the District of Columbia; and
(C) the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

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(6) United States 
The term United States, when used in a geographical sense, means all of the States.