6 USC 470 - Disclosures regarding homeland security grants

(a) Definitions 
In this section:
(1) Homeland security grant 
The term homeland security grant means any grant made or administered by the Department, including
(A) the State Homeland Security Grant Program;
(B) the Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Program;

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(C) the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program;
(D) the Citizen Corps; and
(E) the Metropolitan Medical Response System.
(2) Local government 
The term local government has the meaning given the term in section 101 of this title.
(b) Required disclosures 
Each State or local government that receives a homeland security grant shall, not later than 12 months after the later of October 13, 2006, and the date of receipt of such grant, and every 12 months thereafter until all funds provided under such grant are expended, submit a report to the Secretary that contains a list of all expenditures made by such State or local government using funds from such grant.