50 USC 404l - POW/MIA analytic capability

(a) Requirement 

(1) The Director of National Intelligence shall, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, establish and maintain in the intelligence community an analytic capability with responsibility for intelligence in support of the activities of the United States relating to individuals who, after December 31, 1990, are unaccounted for United States personnel.
(2) The analytic capability maintained under paragraph (1) shall be known as the POW/MIA analytic capability of the intelligence community.
(b) Unaccounted for United States personnel 
In this section, the term unaccounted for United States personnel means the following:

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(1) Any missing person (as that term is defined in section 1513 (1) of title 10).
(2) Any United States national who was killed while engaged in activities on behalf of the United States and whose remains have not been repatriated to the United States.