50 USC 4038 - Reaffirmation of longstanding prohibition against drug trafficking by employees of the intelligence community

(a) Finding 
Congress finds that longstanding statutes, regulations, and policies of the United States prohibit employees, agents, and assets of the elements of the intelligence community, and of every other Federal department and agency, from engaging in the illegal manufacture, purchase, sale, transport, and distribution of drugs.
(b) Obligation of employees of intelligence community 
Any employee of the intelligence community having knowledge of a fact or circumstance that reasonably indicates that an employee, agent, or asset of an element of the intelligence community is involved in any activity that violates a statute, regulation, or policy described in subsection (a) of this section shall report such knowledge to an appropriate official.
(c) Intelligence community defined 
In this section, the term intelligence community has the meaning given that term in section 401a (4) of this title.