5 USC 8910 - Studies, reports, and audits

(a) The Office of Personnel Management shall make a continuing study of the operation and administration of this chapter, including surveys and reports on health benefits plans available to employees and on the experience of the plans.
(b) Each contract entered into under section 8902 of this title shall contain provisions requiring carriers to
(1) furnish such reasonable reports as the Office determines to be necessary to enable it to carry out its functions under this chapter; and
(2) permit the Office and representatives of the Government Accountability Office to examine records of the carriers as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
(c) Each Government agency shall keep such records, make such certifications, and furnish the Office with such information and reports as may be necessary to enable the Office to carry out its functions under this chapter.
(d) The Office, in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services, shall develop and implement a system through which the carrier for an approved health benefits plan described by section 8903 or 8903a will be able to identify those annuitants or other individuals covered by such plan who are entitled to benefits under part A or B of title XVIII of the Social Security Act in order to ensure that payments under coordination of benefits with Medicare do not exceed the statutory maximums which physicians may charge Medicare enrollees.