5 USC 8314 - Refusal to testify

(a) An individual, or his survivor or beneficiary, may not be paid annuity or retired pay on the basis of the service of the individual which is creditable toward the annuity or retired pay, subject to the exceptions in section 8311 (2) and (3) of this title, if the individual, before, on, or after September 1, 1954, refused or refuses, or knowingly and willfully failed or fails, to appear, testify, or produce a book, paper, record, or other document, relating to his service as an employee, before a Federal grand jury, court of the United States, court-martial, or congressional committee, in a proceeding concerning
(1) his past or present relationship with a foreign government; or
(2) a matter involving or relating to an interference with or endangerment of, or involving or relating to a plan or attempt to interfere with or endanger, the national security or defense of the United States.
(b) The prohibition on payment of annuity or retired pay under subsection (a) of this section applies to the period after the date of the failure or refusal of the individual, or after September 1, 1954, whichever is later.