5 USC 5384 - Performance awards in the Senior Executive Service

(1) To encourage excellence in performance by career appointees, performance awards shall be paid to career appointees in accordance with the provisions of this section.
(2) Such awards shall be paid in a lump sum and shall be in addition to the basic pay paid under section 5382 of this title or any award paid under section 4507 of this title.
(1) No performance award under this section shall be paid to any career appointee whose performance was determined to be less than fully successful at the time of the appointees most recent performance appraisal and rating under subchapter II of chapter 43 of this title.
(2) The amount of a performance award under this section shall be determined by the agency head but may not be less than 5 percent nor more than 20 percent of the career appointees rate of basic pay.
(3) The aggregate amount of performance awards paid under this section by an agency during any fiscal year may not exceed the greater of
(A) an amount equal to 10 percent of the aggregate amount of basic pay paid to career appointees in such agency during the preceding fiscal year; or
(B) an amount equal to 20 percent of the average of the annual rates of basic pay paid to career appointees in such agency during the preceding fiscal year.
(1) Performance awards paid by any agency under this section shall be based on recommendations by performance review boards established by such agency under section 4314 of this title.
(2) not[1] less than a majority of the members of any review board referred to in paragraph (1) shall be career appointees whenever making recommendations under such paragraph with respect to a career appointee. The requirement of the preceding sentence shall not apply in any case in which the Office of Personnel Management determines that there exists an insufficient number of career appointees available to comply with the requirement.
(d) The Office of Personnel Management may issue guidance to agencies concerning the proportion of Senior Executive Service salary expenses that may be appropriately applied to payment of performance awards and the distribution of awards.
[1] So in original. Probably should be capitalized.