5 USC 5372b - Administrative appeals judges

(a) For the purpose of this section
(1) the term administrative appeals judge position means a position the duties of which primarily involve reviewing decisions of administrative law judges appointed under section 3105; and
(2) the term agency means an Executive agency, as defined by section 105, but does not include the Government Accountability Office.
(b) Subject to such regulations as the Office of Personnel Management may prescribe, the head of the agency concerned shall fix the rate of basic pay for each administrative appeals judge position within such agency which is not classified above GS15 pursuant to section 5108.
(c) A rate of basic pay fixed under this section shall be
(1) not less than the minimum rate of basic pay for level AL3 under section 5372; and
(2) not greater than the maximum rate of basic pay for level AL3 under section 5372.