5 USC 5111 - Revocation and restoration of authority to classify positions

(a) When the Office of Personnel Management finds that an agency is not placing positions in classes and grades in conformance with or consistently with published standards, it may revoke or suspend the authority granted to the agency by section 5107 of this title and require that prior approval of the Office be secured before an action placing a position in a class and grade becomes effective for payroll and other personnel purposes. The Office may limit the revocation or suspension to
(1) the departmental or field service, or any part thereof;
(2) a geographic area;
(3) an organization unit or group of organization units;
(4) certain types of classification actions;
(5) classes in particular occupational groups or grades; or
(6) classes for which standards have not been published.
(b) After revocation or suspension, the Office may restore the authority to the extent that it is satisfied that later actions placing positions in classes and grades will be in conformance with or consistent with published standards.