5 USC 305 - Systematic agency review of operations

(a) For the purpose of this section, agency means an Executive agency, but does not include
(1) a Government controlled corporation;
(2) the Tennessee Valley Authority;
(3) the Virgin Islands Corporation;

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(4) the Atomic Energy Commission;
(5) the Central Intelligence Agency;
(6) the Panama Canal Commission; or
(7) the National Security Agency, Department of Defense.
(b) Under regulations prescribed and administered by the President, each agency shall review systematically the operations of each of its activities, functions, or organization units, on a continuing basis.
(c) The purpose of the reviews includes
(1) determining the degree of efficiency and economy in the operation of the agencys activities, functions, or organization units;
(2) identifying the units that are outstanding in those respects; and
(3) identifying the employees whose personal efforts have caused their units to be outstanding in efficiency and economy of operations.