49 USC 47305 - Administrative

(a) General Authority.— 
The Secretary of Transportation shall consolidate, operate, protect, maintain, and improve airport property and airway property (except meteorological facilities), and the Secretary of Commerce may consolidate, operate, protect, maintain, and improve meteorological facilities, that the appropriate Secretary has acquired and that are located in territory outside the continental United States. In carrying out this section, the appropriate Secretary may
(1) adapt the property or facility to the needs of civil aeronautics;
(2) lease the property or facility for not more than 20 years;
(3) make a contract, or provide directly, for facilities and services;
(4) make reasonable charges for aeronautical services; and
(5) acquire an interest in property.
(b) Crediting Appropriations.— 
Money received from the direct sale or charge that the Secretary of Transportation or Commerce, as appropriate, decides is equivalent to the cost of facilities and services sold or provided under subsection (a)(3) and (4) of this section is credited to the appropriation from which the cost was paid. The balance shall be deposited in the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.
(c) Using Other Government Facilities and Services.— 
To carry out this chapter and to use personnel and facilities of the United States Government most advantageously and without unnecessary duplication, the Secretary of Transportation or Commerce, as appropriate, shall request, when practicable, to use a facility or service of an appropriate department, agency, or instrumentality of the Government on a reimbursable basis. A department, agency, or instrumentality receiving a request under this section may provide the facility or service.
(d) Advertising Not Required.— 
Section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S.C. 5) does not apply to a lease or contract made by the Secretary of Transportation or Commerce under this chapter.