49 USC 47175 - Definitions

In this subchapter, the following definitions apply:
(1) Airport sponsor.— 
The term airport sponsor has the meaning given the term sponsor under section 47102.
(2) Congested airport.— 
The term congested airport means an airport that accounted for at least 1 percent of all delayed aircraft operations in the United States in the most recent year for which such data is available and an airport listed in table 1 of the Federal Aviation Administrations Airport Capacity Benchmark Report 2001.
(3) Airport capacity enhancement project.— 
The term airport capacity enhancement project means
(A) a project for construction or extension of a runway, including any land acquisition, taxiway, or safety area associated with the runway or runway extension; and

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(B) such other airport development projects as the Secretary may designate as facilitating a reduction in air traffic congestion and delays.
(4) Aviation safety project.— 
The term aviation safety project means an aviation project that
(A) has as its primary purpose reducing the risk of injury to persons or damage to aircraft and property, as determined by the Administrator; and
(i) is needed to respond to a recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board, as determined by the Administrator; or
(ii) is necessary for an airport to comply with part 139 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (relating to airport certification).
(5) Aviation security project.— 
The term aviation security project means a security project at an airport required by the Department of Homeland Security.
(6) Federal agency.— 
The term Federal agency means a department or agency of the United States Government.