46 USC 50504 - Sailing school vessels

(a) Definitions.— 
In this section, the terms sailing school instructor, sailing school student, and sailing school vessel have the meaning given those terms in section 2101 of this title.
(b) Not Seamen.— 
A sailing school student or sailing school instructor is deemed not to be a seaman under
(1) parts B, F, and G of subtitle II of this title; or
(2) the maritime law doctrines of maintenance and cure or warranty of seaworthiness.

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(c) Not Merchant Vessel or Engaged in Trade or Commerce.— 
A sailing school vessel is deemed not to be
(1) a merchant vessel under section 11101 (a)(c) of this title; or
(2) a vessel engaged in trade or commerce.
(d) Evidence of Financial Responsibility.— 
The owner or charterer of a sailing school vessel shall maintain evidence of financial responsibility to meet liability for death or injury to sailing school students and sailing school instructors on a voyage on the vessel. The amount of financial responsibility shall be at least $50,000 for each student and instructor. Financial responsibility under this subsection may be evidenced by insurance or other adequate financial resources.