43 USC 1199 - Provisions to be included in contracts for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes

The contract with each tribe negotiated pursuant to section 1198 of this title shall
(a) convey to the United States title to all tribal, allotted, assigned, and inherited lands or interests therein belonging to the Indians of the tribe, and title to all undivided interests in such allotted or inherited lands owned by non-Indians or by Indian nonmembers of the tribe, required by the United States for the reservoir to be created by the construction of the dams across the Missouri River in South Dakota, to be known as Fort Randall Dam, including such lands along the margins as may be required by the Chief of Engineers, Department of the Army, for the protection, development, and use of said reservoir: Provided, That the contract may provide for retention by the owners of any oil and gas rights in such lands that are not needed by the United States for the protection of such dam and reservoir;
(b) provide for the payment of
(1) just compensation for the lands and improvements and interests therein conveyed by the contract;
(2) costs of relocating the tribe and its members who reside upon the lands conveyed by the contract in a manner that will reestablish and protect their economic, social, religious, and community life;
(3) costs of relocating Indian cemeteries, tribal monuments, and shrines located upon the lands conveyed by the contract.
(c) Provide a schedule of dates for the orderly removal of the Indians and their personal property from the taking area of the Fort Randall Reservoir within the reservation; and
(d) State that the payments authorized to be made shall be in full and complete settlement of all claims by the tribe and its members against the United States arising because of the construction of the Fort Randall project.