42 USC 8231 - Grants for energy conserving improvements; establishment of standards; authorization of appropriations

(1) The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is authorized to make grants to finance energy conserving improvements (as defined in subparagraph (2) of the last paragraph of section 1703 (a) of title 12) to projects which are financed with loans under section 1701q of title 12, or which are subject to mortgages insured under section 1715l (d)(3) or section 1715z–1 of title 12. The Secretary shall make assistance available under this section on a priority basis to those projects which are in financial difficulty as a result of high energy costs. In carrying out the program authorized by this section, the Secretary shall issue regulations requiring that any grant made under this section shall be made only on the condition that the recipient of such grant shall take steps (prescribed by the Secretary) to assure that the benefits derived from such grants in terms of lower energy costs shall accrue to tenants in the form of lower rentals or to the Federal Government in the form of a lower operating subsidy if such a subsidy is being paid to such recipient.
(2) The Secretary shall establish minimum standards for energy conserving improvements to multifamily dwelling units to be assisted under this section.
(3) There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out the provisions of this section not to exceed $25,000,000.