42 USC 4361b - Implementation by Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency of recommendations of CHESS Investigative Report; waiver; inclusion of status of implementation requirements in annual revisions of plan for research, development, and demon

The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency shall implement the recommendations of the report prepared for the House Committee on Science and Technology entitled The Environmental Protection Agency Research Program with primary emphasis on the Community Health and Environmental Surveillance System (CHESS): An Investigative Report, unless for any specific recommendation he determines
(1)  that such recommendation has been implemented,
(2)  that implementation of such recommendation would not enhance the quality of the research, or
(3)  that implementation of such recommendation will require funding which is not available. Where such funding is not available, the Administrator shall request the required authorization or appropriation for such implementation. The Administrator shall report the status of such implementation in each annual revision of the five-year plan transmitted to the Congress under section 43611 of this title.
[1] See References in Text note below.