42 USC 2021a - Storage or disposal facility planning

(a) Any person, agency, or other entity proposing to develop a storage or disposal facility, including a test disposal facility, for high-level radioactive wastes, non-high-level radioactive wastes including transuranium contaminated wastes, or irradiated nuclear reactor fuel, shall notify the Commission as early as possible after the commencement of planning for a particular proposed facility. The Commission shall in turn notify the Governor and the State legislature of the State of proposed situs whenever the Commission has knowledge of such proposal.
(b) The Commission is authorized and directed to prepare a report on means for improving the opportunities for State participation in the process for siting, licensing, and developing nuclear waste storage or disposal facilities. Such report shall include detailed consideration of a program to provide grants through the Commission to any State, and the advisability of such a program, for the purpose of conducting an independent State review of any proposal to develop a nuclear waste storage or disposal facility identified in subsection (a) of this section within such State. On or before March 1, 1979, the Commission shall submit the report to the Congress including recommendations for improving the opportunities for State participation together with any necessary legislative proposals.