42 USC 1319 - Federal participation in payments for repairs to home owned by recipient of aid or assistance

In the case of an expenditure for repairing the home owned by an individual who is receiving aid or assistance, other than medical assistance to the aged, under a State plan approved under subchapter I, X, XIV, or XVI of this chapter, if
(1) the State agency or local agency administering the plan approved under such subchapter has made a finding (prior to making such expenditure) that
(A)  such home is so defective that continued occupancy is unwarranted,
(B)  unless repairs are made to such home, rental quarters will be necessary for such individual, and
(C)  the cost of rental quarters to take care of the needs of such individual (including his spouse living with him in such home and any other individual whose needs were taken into account in determining the need of such individual) would exceed (over such time as the Secretary may specify) the cost of repairs needed to make such home habitable together with other costs attributable to continued occupancy of such home, and

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(2) no such expenditures were made for repairing such home pursuant to any prior finding under this section,

the amount paid to any such State for any quarter under section 303 (a), 1203 (a), 1353 (a), or 1383 (a) of this title shall be increased by 50 per centum of such expenditures, except that the excess above $500 expended with respect to any one home shall not be included in determining such expenditures.