42 USC 12743 - Development of model programs

(a) In general 
The Secretary shall
(1) in cooperation with participating jurisdictions, government-sponsored mortgage finance corporations, nonprofit">nonprofit organizations, the private sector, and other appropriate parties, develop, test, evaluate, refine, and, as necessary, replace a selection of model programs designed to carry out the purposes of this subchapter;
(2) make available to participating jurisdictions alternative model programs, which shall include suggested guidelines, procedures, forms, legal documents and such other elements as the Secretary determines to be appropriate;
(3) assure, insofar as is feasible, the availability of an appropriate variety of model programs designed for local market conditions, housing problems, project characteristics, and managerial capacities as they differ among participating jurisdictions;
(4) negotiate and enter into agreements with agencies of the Federal Government, participating jurisdictions, private financial institutions, government-sponsored mortgage finance corporations, nonprofit">nonprofit organizations, and other entities to provide such services, products, or financing as may be required for the implementation of a model program;
(5) provide detailed information on model programs as requested by participating jurisdictions, private financial institutions, developers, nonprofit">nonprofit organizations, and other interested parties; and
(6) encourage the use of such model programs to achieve efficiency, economies of scale, and effectiveness in the investment of funds made available under this part through third-party training, printed materials, and such other means of support as the Secretary determines will achieve the purpose of this subchapter.
(b) Adoption of programs 
Except as provided in section 12753 (2) of this title, each participating jurisdiction shall have the discretion to adopt one or more model programs, adapt one or more model programs to its own requirements, design additional forms of assistance by itself or in cooperation with other participating jurisdictions, and suggest additional model programs for adoption by the Secretary as the participating jurisdiction may deem appropriate, and the Secretary may assist a participating jurisdiction in adopting, adapting, or designing one or more model programs.
(c) Part D programs 
The selection of model programs to be made available for adoption or adaptation shall include programs meeting the criteria set forth in part D of this subchapter.