40 USC 3111 - Approval of sufficiency of title prior to acquisition

(a) Approval of Attorney General Required.— 
Public money may not be expended to purchase land or any interest in land unless the Attorney General gives prior written approval of the sufficiency of the title to the land for the purpose for which the Federal Government is acquiring the property.
(b) Delegation.— 

(1) In general.— 
The Attorney General may delegate the responsibility under this section to other departments and agencies of the Government, subject to general supervision by the Attorney General and in accordance with regulations the Attorney General prescribes.
(2) Request for opinion of attorney general.— 
A department or agency of the Government that has been delegated the responsibility to approve land titles under this section may request the Attorney General to render an opinion as to the validity of the title to any real property or interest in the property, or may request the advice or assistance of the Attorney General in connection with determinations as to the sufficiency of titles.
(c) Payment of Expenses for Procuring Certificates of Title.— 
Except where otherwise authorized by law or provided by contract, the expenses of procuring certificates of titles or other evidences of title as the Attorney General may require may be paid out of the appropriations for the acquisition of land or out of the appropriations made for the contingencies of the acquiring department or agency of the Government.
(d) Nonapplication.— 
This section does not affect any provision of law in effect on September 1, 1970, that is applicable to the acquisition of land or interests in land by the Tennessee Valley Authority.