38 USC 5510 - Annual report

The Secretary shall include in the Annual Benefits Report of the Veterans Benefits Administration or the Secretarys Annual Performance and Accountability Report information concerning fiduciaries who have been appointed to receive payments for beneficiaries of the Department. As part of such information, the Secretary shall separately set forth the following:[1]
(1) The number of beneficiaries in each category (veteran, surviving spouse, child, adult disabled child, or parent).
(2) The types of benefit being paid (compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation, death pension or benefits payable to a disabled child under chapter 18 of this title).
(3) The total annual amounts and average annual amounts of benefits paid to fiduciaries for each category and type of benefit.
(4) The number of fiduciaries who are the spouse, parent, legal custodian, court-appointed fiduciary, institutional fiduciary, custodian in fact, and supervised direct payees.

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(5) The number of cases in which the fiduciary was changed by the Secretary because of a finding that benefits had been misused.
(6) How such cases of misuse of benefits were addressed by the Secretary.
(7) The final disposition of such cases of misuse of benefits, including the number and dollar amount of any benefits reissued to beneficiaries.
(8) The number of fiduciary cases referred to the Office of the Inspector General and the nature of the actions taken by the Inspector General.
(9) The total amount of money recovered by the government[2] in cases arising from the misuse of benefits by a fiduciary.
(10) Such other information as the Secretary considers appropriate.
[1] So in original.
[2] So in original. Probably should be capitalized.