38 USC 4332 - Reports

The Secretary shall, after consultation with the Attorney General and the Special Counsel referred to in section 4324 (a)(1) and no later than February 1, 2005, and annually thereafter, transmit to the Congress, a report containing the following matters for the fiscal year ending before such February 1:
(1) The number of cases reviewed by the Department of Labor under this chapter during the fiscal year for which the report is made.
(2) The number of cases referred to the Attorney General or the Special Counsel pursuant to section 4323 or 4324, respectively, during such fiscal year.
(3) The number of complaints filed by the Attorney General pursuant to section 4323 during such fiscal year.
(4) The nature and status of each case reported on pursuant to paragraph (1), (2), or (3).

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(5) An indication of whether there are any apparent patterns of violation of the provisions of this chapter, together with an explanation thereof.
(6) Recommendations for administrative or legislative action that the Secretary, the Attorney General, or the Special Counsel considers necessary for the effective implementation of this chapter, including any action that could be taken to encourage mediation, before claims are filed under this chapter, between employers and persons seeking employment or reemployment.