38 USC 4113 - Outstationing of Transition Assistance Program personnel

(a) Stationing of TAP Personnel at Overseas Military Installations.— 

(1) The Secretary
(A) shall station employees of the Veterans Employment and Training Service, or contractors under subsection (c), at each veterans assistance office described in paragraph (2); and
(B) may station such employees or contractors at such other military installations outside the United States as the Secretary, after consultation with the Secretary of Defense, determines to be appropriate or desirable to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

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(2) Veterans assistance offices referred to in paragraph (1)(A) are those offices that are established by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on military installations pursuant to the second sentence of section 6304 (a) of this title.
(b) Functions.— 
Employees (or contractors) stationed at military installations pursuant to subsection (a) shall provide, in person, counseling, assistance in identifying employment and training opportunities, help in obtaining such employment and training, and other related information and services to members of the Armed Forces who are being separated from active duty, and the spouses of such members, under the Transition Assistance Program and Disabled Transition Assistance Program established in section 1144 of title 10.
(c) Authority To Contract With Private Entities.— 
The Secretary, consistent with section 1144 of title 10, may enter into contracts with public or private entities to provide, in person, some or all of the counseling, assistance, information and services under the Transition Assistance Program required under subsection (a).