38 USC 3533 - Special assistance for the educationally disadvantaged

(1) Any eligible person shall be entitled to the assistance provided an eligible veteran under section 3491 (a) (if pursued in a State) of this title and be paid an educational assistance allowance therefor in the manner prescribed by section 3491 (b) of this title, except that the corresponding rate provisions of this chapter shall apply, as determined by the Secretary, to such pursuit by an eligible person.
(2) Educational assistance under this chapter for the first five months of full-time pursuit of a program (or the equivalent thereof in part-time educational assistance) consisting of such course or courses shall be provided without charge to entitlement.
(b) Any eligible person shall, without charge to any entitlement such person may have under section 3511 of this title, be entitled to the benefits provided an eligible veteran under section 3492 of this title.