38 USC 3121 - Veterans Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation

(1) The Secretary shall appoint an advisory committee to be known as the Veterans Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation (hereinafter in this section referred to as the Committee).
(2) The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Secretary from the general public and shall serve for terms to be determined by the Secretary not to exceed three years. Veterans with service-connected disabilities shall be appropriately represented in the membership of the Committee, and the Committee shall also include persons who have distinguished themselves in the public and private sectors in the fields of rehabilitation medicine, vocational guidance, vocational rehabilitation, and employment and training programs. The Secretary may designate one of the members of the Committee appointed under this paragraph to chair the Committee.
(3) The Committee shall also include as ex officio members the following:

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(A)  one representative from the Veterans Health Administration and one from the Veterans Benefits Administration,
(B)  one representative from the Rehabilitation Services Administration of the Department of Education and one from the National Institute for Handicapped Research of the Department of Education, and
(C)  one representative of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans Employment and Training of the Department of Labor.
(b) The Secretary shall, on a regular basis, consult with and seek the advice of the Committee with respect to the administration of veterans rehabilitation programs under this title.
(c) The Committee shall submit to the Secretary an annual report on the rehabilitation programs and activities of the Department of Veterans Affairs and shall submit such other reports and recommendations to the Secretary as the Committee determines appropriate. The annual report shall include an assessment of the rehabilitation needs of veterans and a review of the programs and activities of the Department of Veterans Affairs designed to meet such needs. The Secretary shall submit with each annual report submitted to the Congress pursuant to section 529 of this title a copy of all reports and recommendations of the Committee submitted to the Secretary since the previous annual report of the Secretary was submitted to the Congress pursuant to such section.