38 USC 1717 - Home health services; invalid lifts and other devices

(1) As part of medical services furnished to a veteran under section 1710 (a) of this title, the Secretary may furnish such home health services as the Secretary finds to be necessary or appropriate for the effective and economical treatment of the veteran.
(2) Improvements and structural alterations may be furnished as part of such home health services only as necessary to assure the continuation of treatment for the veterans disability or to provide access to the home or to essential lavatory and sanitary facilities. The cost of such improvements and structural alterations (or the amount of reimbursement therefor) under this subsection may not exceed
(A) $4,100 in the case of medical services furnished under section 1710 (a)(1) of this title, or for a disability described in section 1710 (a)(2)(C) of this title; or

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(B) $1,200 in the case of medical services furnished under any other provision of section 1710 (a) of this title.
(3) The Secretary may furnish home health services to a veteran in any setting in which the veteran is residing. The Secretary may not furnish such services in such a manner as to relieve any other person or entity of a contractual obligation to furnish services to the veteran. When home health services are furnished in a setting other than the veterans home, such services may not include any structural improvement or alteration.
(b) The Secretary may furnish an invalid lift, or any type of therapeutic or rehabilitative device, as well as other medical equipment and supplies (excluding medicines), if medically indicated, to any veteran who is receiving
(1)  compensation under section 1114 (l)(p) of this title (or the comparable rates provided pursuant to section 1134 of this title), or
(2)  pension under chapter 15 of this title by reason of being in need of regular aid and attendance.
(c) The Secretary may furnish devices for assisting in overcoming the handicap of deafness (including telecaptioning television decoders) to any veteran who is profoundly deaf and is entitled to compensation on account of hearing impairment.