38 USC 1710A - Required nursing home care

(a) The Secretary (subject to section 1710 (a)(4) of this title) shall provide nursing home care which the Secretary determines is needed
(1)  to any veteran in need of such care for a service-connected disability, and
(2)  to any veteran who is in need of such care and who has a service-connected disability rated at 70 percent or more.

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(1) The Secretary shall ensure that a veteran described in subsection (a) who continues to need nursing home care is not, after placement in a Department nursing home, transferred from the facility without the consent of the veteran, or, in the event the veteran cannot provide informed consent, the representative of the veteran.
(2) Nothing in subsection (a) may be construed as authorizing or requiring that a veteran who is receiving nursing home care in a Department nursing home on the date of the enactment of this section be displaced, transferred, or discharged from the facility.
(c) The provisions of subsection (a) shall terminate on December 31, 2008.