37 USC 435 - Funeral honors duty: allowance

(a) Allowance Authorized.— 

(1) The Secretary concerned may authorize payment of an allowance to a member of the Ready Reserve for any day on which the member performs at least two hours of funeral honors duty pursuant to section 12503 of title 10 or section 115 of title 32.
(2) The Secretary concerned may also authorize payment of that allowance to a member of the armed forces in a retired status for any day on which the member serves in a funeral honors detail under section 1491 of title 10, if the time required for service in such detail (including time for preparation) is not less than two hours. The amount of an allowance paid to a member under this paragraph shall be in addition to any other compensation to which the member may be entitled under this title or title 10 or 38.
(b) Amount.— 
The daily rate of an allowance under this section is $50.