30 USC 1805 - Innovation in basic and advanced materials industries

(a) Centers for Industrial Technology; recommendations for establishment; activities 

(1) In order to promote the use of more cost-effective, advanced technology and other means of providing for innovation and increased productivity within the basic and advanced materials industries, the Council shall evaluate and make recommendations regarding the establishment of Centers for Industrial Technology as provided in Public Law 96480 (15 U.S.C. 3705).
(2) The activities of such Centers shall focus on, but not be limited to, the following generic materials areas: corrosion; welding and joining of materials; advanced processing and fabrication technologies; microfabrication; and fracture and fatigue.
(b) Mechanism for dissemination of data; establishment; computerization 
In order to promote better use and innovation of materials in design for improved safety or efficiency, the Council shall establish in cooperation with the appropriate Federal agencies and private industry, an effective mechanism for disseminating materials property data in an efficient and timely manner. In carrying out this responsibility, the Council shall consider, where appropriate, the establishment of a computerized system taking into account, to the maximum extent practicable, existing available resources.