29 USC 563 - Working capital fund; establishment; availability; capitalization; reimbursement

There is established a working capital fund, to be available without fiscal year limitation, for expenses necessary for the maintenance and operation of
(1)  a central reproduction service;
(2)  a central visual exhibit service;
(3)  a central supply service for supplies and equipment for which adequate stocks may be maintained to meet in whole or in part the requirements of the Department;
(4)  a central tabulating service;

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(5)  telephone, mail and messenger services;
(6)  a central accounting and payroll service; and
(7)  a central laborers service: Provided, That any stocks of supplies and equipment on hand or on order shall be used to capitalize such fund: Provided further, That such fund shall be reimbursed in advance from funds available to bureaus, offices, and agencies for which such centralized services are performed at rates which will return in full all expenses of operation, including reserves for accrued annual leave and depreciation of equipment: Provided further, That within the Working Capital Fund, there is established an Investment in Reinvention Fund (IRF), which shall be available to invest in projects of the Department designed to produce measurable improvements in agency efficiency and significant taxpayer savings. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of Labor may retain up to $3,900,000 of the unobligated balances in the Departments annual Salaries and Expenses accounts as of September 30, 1995, and transfer those amounts to the IRF to provide the initial capital for the IRF, to remain available until expended, to make loans to agencies of the Department for projects designed to enhance productivity and generate cost savings. Such loans shall be repaid to the IRF no later than September 30 of the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the project is completed. Such repayments shall be deposited in the IRF, to be available without further appropriation action: Provided further, That the Secretary of Labor may transfer annually an amount not to exceed $3,000,000 from unobligated balances in the Departments salaries and expenses accounts, to the unobligated balance of the Working Capital Fund, to be merged with such Fund and used for the acquisition of capital equipment and the improvement of financial management, information technology and other support systems, and to remain available until expended: Provided further, That the unobligated balance of the Fund shall not exceed $20,000,000..[1]
[1] So in original.