29 USC 2913 - Veterans workforce investment programs

(a) Authorization 

(1) In general 
The Secretary shall conduct, directly or through grants or contracts, programs to meet the needs for workforce investment activities of veterans with service-connected disabilities, veterans who have significant barriers to employment, veterans who served on active duty in the armed forces during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized, and recently separated veterans.
(2) Conduct of programs 
Programs supported under this section may be conducted through grants and contracts with public agencies and private nonprofit organizations, including recipients of Federal assistance under other provisions of this chapter, that the Secretary determines have an understanding of the unemployment problems of veterans described in paragraph (1), familiarity with the area to be served, and the capability to administer effectively a program of workforce investment activities for such veterans.
(3) Required activities 
Programs supported under this section shall include

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(A) activities to enhance services provided to veterans by other providers of workforce investment activities funded by Federal, State, or local government;
(B) activities to provide workforce investment activities to such veterans that are not adequately provided by other public providers of workforce investment activities; and
(C) outreach and public information activities to develop and promote maximum job and job training opportunities for such veterans and to inform such veterans about employment, job training, on-the-job training and educational opportunities under this chapter, under title 38, and under other provisions of law, which activities shall be coordinated with activities provided through the one-stop centers described in section 2864 (c) of this title.
(b) Administration of programs 

(1) In general 
The Secretary shall administer programs supported under this section through the Assistant Secretary for Veterans Employment and Training.
(2) Additional responsibilities 
In carrying out responsibilities under this section, the Assistant Secretary for Veterans Employment and Training shall
(A) be responsible for the awarding of grants and contracts and the distribution of funds under this section and for the establishment of appropriate fiscal controls, accountability, and program performance measures for recipients of grants and contracts under this section; and
(B) consult with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and take steps to ensure that programs supported under this section are coordinated, to the maximum extent feasible, with related programs and activities conducted under title 38, including programs and activities conducted under chapter 63 of such title, chapters 30, 31, 32, and 34 of such title, and sections 1712A, 1720A, 3687, and 4103A of such title.