28 USC 1711 - Definitions

In this chapter:
(1) Class.— 
The term class means all of the class members in a class action.
(2) Class action.— 
The term class action means any civil action filed in a district court of the United States under rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or any civil action that is removed to a district court of the United States that was originally filed under a State statute or rule of judicial procedure authorizing an action to be brought by 1 or more representatives as a class action.
(3) Class counsel.— 
The term class counsel means the persons who serve as the attorneys for the class members in a proposed or certified class action.
(4) Class members.— 
The term class members means the persons (named or unnamed) who fall within the definition of the proposed or certified class in a class action.

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(5) Plaintiff class action.— 
The term plaintiff class action means a class action in which class members are plaintiffs.
(6) Proposed settlement.— 
The term proposed settlement means an agreement regarding a class action that is subject to court approval and that, if approved, would be binding on some or all class members.