26 USC 4001 - Imposition of tax

(a) Imposition of tax 

(1) In general 
There is hereby imposed on the 1st retail sale of any passenger vehicle a tax equal to 10 percent of the price for which so sold to the extent such price exceeds the applicable amount.
(2) Applicable amount 

(A) In general 
Except as provided in subparagraphs (B) and (C), the applicable amount is $30,000.
(B) Qualified clean-fuel vehicle property 
In the case of a passenger vehicle which is propelled by a fuel which is not a clean-burning fuel and to which is installed qualified clean-fuel vehicle property (as defined in section 179A (c)(1)(A)) for purposes of permitting such vehicle to be propelled by a clean-burning fuel, the applicable amount is equal to the sum of
(i) the dollar amount in effect under subparagraph (A), plus
(ii) the increase in the price for which the passenger vehicle was sold (within the meaning of section 4002) due to the installation of such property.
(C) Purpose built passenger vehicle 

(i) In general In the case of a purpose built passenger vehicle, the applicable amount is equal to 150 percent of the dollar amount in effect under subparagraph (A).
(ii) Purpose built passenger vehicle For purposes of clause (i), the term purpose built passenger vehicle means a passenger vehicle produced by an original equipment manufacturer and designed so that the vehicle may be propelled primarily by electricity.
(b) Passenger vehicle 

(1) In general 
For purposes of this subchapter, the term passenger vehicle means any 4-wheeled vehicle
(A) which is manufactured primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways, and
(B) which is rated at 6,000 pounds unloaded gross vehicle weight or less.
(2) Special rules 

(A) Trucks and vans 
In the case of a truck or van, paragraph (1)(B) shall be applied by substituting gross vehicle weight for unloaded gross vehicle weight.
(B) Limousines 
In the case of a limousine, paragraph (1) shall be applied without regard to subparagraph (B) thereof.
(c) Exceptions for taxicabs, etc. 
The tax imposed by this section shall not apply to the sale of any passenger vehicle for use by the purchaser exclusively in the active conduct of a trade or business of transporting persons or property for compensation or hire.
(d) Exemption for law enforcement uses, etc. 
No tax shall be imposed by this section on the sale of any passenger vehicle
(1) to the Federal Government, or a State or local government, for use exclusively in police, firefighting, search and rescue, or other law enforcement or public safety activities, or in public works activities, or
(2) to any person for use exclusively in providing emergency medical services.
(e) Inflation adjustment 

(1) In general 
The $30,000 amount in subsection (a) shall be increased by an amount equal to
(A) $30,000, multiplied by
(B) the cost-of-living adjustment under section 1 (f)(3) for the calendar year in which the vehicle is sold, determined by substituting calendar year 1990 for calendar year 1992 in subparagraph (B) thereof.
(2) Rounding 
If any amount as adjusted under paragraph (1) is not a multiple of $2,000, such amount shall be rounded to the next lowest multiple of $2,000.
(f) Phasedown 
For sales occurring in calendar years after 1995 and before 2003, subsection (a)(1) and section 4003 (a) shall be applied by substituting for 10 percent, each place it appears, the percentage determined in accordance with the following table: If the calendar year is: The percentage is: 19969 percent 19978 percent 19987 percent 19996 percent 20005 percent 20014 percent 20023 percent.
(g) Termination 
The taxes imposed by this section and section 4003 shall not apply to any sale, use, or installation after December 31, 2002.