25 USC 574 - Consolidation of lands

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized and directed to establish land-use districts within the diminished and ceded portions of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming, and, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, to effect the consolidation of Indian and privately owned lands within said districts through exchange, relinquishment, donation, assignment, or purchase of lands or interests therein, including water rights or surface rights to lands, improvements thereon and improvements on undisposed-of ceded lands, to the end that the respective Indian and non-Indian land holdings may be consolidated for more beneficial use. Exchanges of lands hereunder shall be made on the basis of equal value, and the value of improvements on lands to be relinquished to the Indians or by Indians, to non-Indians shall be given due consideration, and allowance made therefor in the valuation of lieu lands. This section shall apply to tribal land, and trust or otherwise restricted Indian allotments, whether the allottees be living or deceased. In all transactions involving tribal Indian land, the consent of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes shall first be obtained. Title to all lands or interests therein acquired by the Government through exchange of tribal land shall be taken in the name of the United States in trust for the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes of Indians of the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming. Title to lands exchanged for individual Indian allotments, or purchased for individual Indians with restricted funds shall be taken by the United States in trust for the individual Indian allottee or heir. The right herein granted individual Indians to acquire lands by purchase with restricted funds or by exchange shall not extend to lands on the ceded or opened portion of the reservation.