25 USC 553 - Deposit and expenditure of payments

The payments herein authorized shall be deposited to the credit of the individual Indian money accounts of such Indians subject to expenditure by such Indians, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe for
(1)  industrial and agricultural assistance, and the construction and improvement of homes, including the purchase of land and interests in land, building material, farming equipment, industrial equipment, trucks, livestock, feed, food, seed, tools, machinery, implements, household goods, bedding, clothing, and any other equipment or supplies necessary to enable the Indians to fit themselves for or to engage in the farming, livestock industry, or such other industrial or agricultural pursuits or avocations as will enable them to become self-supporting;
(2)  the educational advancement of such Indians;
(3)  financial assistance in cases of illness, death, or other emergency;
(4)  the repayment of reimbursable debts previously contracted; or

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(5)  security for or the repayment of loans made to such Indians from any Klamath revolving loan fund now existent or which shall hereafter be created.