25 USC 4302 - Definitions

In this chapter:
(1) Eligible entity 
The term eligible entity means an Indian tribe or tribal organization, an Indian arts and crafts organization, as that term is defined in section 305a of this title, a tribal enterprise, a tribal marketing cooperative (as that term is defined by the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior), or any other Indian-owned business.
(2) Indian 
The term Indian has the meaning given that term in section 450b (d) of this title.
(3) Indian goods and services 
The term Indian goods and services means
(A) Indian goods, within the meaning of section 305a of this title;

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(B) goods produced or originated by an eligible entity; and
(C) services provided by eligible entities.
(4) Indian lands 

(A) In general 
The term Indian lands includes lands under the definition of
(i) the term Indian country under section 1151 of title 18; or
(ii) the term reservation under
(I) section 1452 (d) of this title; or
(II) section 1903 (10) of this title.
(B) Former Indian reservations in Oklahoma 
For purposes of applying section 1452 (d) of this title under subparagraph (A)(ii), the term former Indian reservations in Oklahoma shall be construed to include lands that are
(i) within the jurisdictional areas of an Oklahoma Indian tribe (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior); and

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(ii) recognized by the Secretary of the Interior as eligible for trust land status under part 151 of title 25, Code of Federal Regulations (as in effect on November 7, 2000).
(5) Indian-owned business 
The term Indian-owned business means an entity organized for the conduct of trade or commerce with respect to which at least 50 percent of the property interests of the entity are owned by Indians or Indian tribes (or a combination thereof).
(6) Indian tribe 
The term Indian tribe has the meaning given that term in section 450b (e) of this title.
(7) Secretary 
The term Secretary means the Secretary of Commerce.
(8) Tribal enterprise 
The term tribal enterprise means a commercial activity or business managed or controlled by an Indian tribe.
(9) Tribal organization 
The term tribal organization has the meaning given that term in section 450b (l) of this title.