25 USC 2431 - Review of programs

(a) Review 
In the development of the Memorandum of Agreement required by section 2411 of this title, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in cooperation with the Secretary of Education shall review and consider
(1) Federal programs providing education services or benefits to Indian children,
(2) tribal, State, local, and private educational resources and programs,
(3) Federal programs providing family and social services and benefits for Indian families and children,

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(4) Federal programs relating to youth employment, recreation, cultural, and community activities, and
(5) tribal, State, local, and private resources for programs similar to those cited in paragraphs (3) and (4),

to determine their applicability and relevance in carrying out the purposes of this chapter.

(b) Publication 
The results of the review conducted under subsection (a) of this section shall be provided to each Indian tribe as soon as possible for their consideration and use in the development or modification of a Tribal Action Plan under section 2412 of this title.