25 USC 2010 - Uniform direct funding and support

(a) Establishment of system and forward funding 

(1) In general 
The Secretary shall establish, by regulation adopted in accordance with section 2016 of this title, a system for the direct funding and support of all Bureau-funded schools. Such system shall allot funds in accordance with section 2007 of this title. All amounts appropriated for distribution in accordance with this section shall be made available in accordance with paragraph (2).
(2) Timing for use of funds 

(A) Availability 
For the purposes of affording adequate notice of funding available pursuant to the allotments made under section 2007 of this title and the allotments of funds for operation and maintenance of facilities, amounts appropriated in an appropriations Act for any fiscal year for such allotments

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(i) shall become available for obligation by the affected schools on July 1 of the fiscal year for which such allotments are appropriated without further action by the Secretary; and
(ii) shall remain available for obligation through the succeeding fiscal year.
(B) Publications 
The Secretary shall, on the basis of the amounts appropriated as described in this paragraph
(i) publish, not later than July 1 of the fiscal year for which the amounts are appropriated, information indicating the amount of the allotments to be made to each affected school under section 2007 of this title, of 80 percent of such appropriated amounts; and
(ii) publish, not later than September 30 of such fiscal year, information indicating the amount of the allotments to be made under section 2007 of this title, from the remaining 20 percent of such appropriated amounts, adjusted to reflect the actual student attendance.
(C) Overpayments 
Any overpayments made to tribal schools shall be returned to the Secretary not later than 30 days after the final determination that the school was overpaid pursuant to this section.
(3) Limitation 

(A) Expenditures 
Notwithstanding any other provision of law (including a regulation), the supervisor of a Bureau-operated school may expend an aggregate of not more than $50,000 of the amount allotted to the school under section 2007 of this title to acquire materials, supplies, equipment, operation services, maintenance services, and other services for the school, and amounts received as operations and maintenance funds, funds received from the Department of Education, or funds received from other Federal sources, without competitive bidding if
(i) the cost for any single item acquired does not exceed $15,000;
(ii) the school board approves the acquisition;

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(iii) the supervisor certifies that the cost is fair and reasonable;
(iv) the documents relating to the acquisition executed by the supervisor of the school or other school staff cite this paragraph as authority for the acquisition; and
(v) the acquisition transaction is documented in a journal maintained at the school that clearly identifies when the transaction occurred, the item that was acquired and from whom, the price paid, the quantities acquired, and any other information the supervisor or the school board considers to be relevant.
(B) Notice 
Not later than 6 months after January 8, 2002, the Secretary shall send notice of the provisions of this paragraph to each supervisor of a Bureau school and associated school board chairperson, the education line officer of each agency and area, and the Bureau division in charge of procurement, at both the local and national levels.
(C) Application and guidelines 
The Director of the Office shall be responsible for
(i) determining the application of this paragraph, including the authorization of specific individuals to carry out this paragraph;
(ii) ensuring that there is at least one such individual at each Bureau facility; and
(iii) the provision of guidelines on the use of this paragraph and adequate training on such guidelines.
(4) Effect of sequestration order 
If a sequestration order issued under the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 reduces the amount of funds available for allotment under section 2007 of this title for any fiscal year by more than 7 percent of the amount of funds available for allotment under such section during the preceding fiscal year
(A) to fund allotments under section 2007 of this title, the Secretary, notwithstanding any other law, may use
(i) funds appropriated for the operation of any Bureau-funded school that is closed or consolidated; and
(ii) funds appropriated for any program that has been curtailed at any Bureau school; and
(B) the Secretary may waive the application of the provisions of section 2001 (h) of this title with respect to the closure or consolidation of a school, or the curtailment of a program at a school, during such fiscal year if the funds described in clauses (i) and (ii) of subparagraph (A) with respect to such school are used to fund allotments made under section 2007 of this title for such fiscal year.
(b) Local financial plans for expenditure of funds 

(1) Plan required 
Each Bureau-operated school that receives an allotment under section 2007 of this title shall prepare a local financial plan that specifies the manner in which the school will expend the funds made available under the allotment and ensures that the school will meet the accreditation requirements or standards for the school pursuant to section 2001 of this title.
(2) Requirement 
A local financial plan under paragraph (1) shall comply with all applicable Federal and tribal laws.
(3) Preparation and revision 

(A) In general 
The financial plan for a school under subparagraph (A)[1] shall be prepared by the supervisor of the school in active consultation with the local school board for the school.
(B) Authority of school board 
The local school board for each school shall have the authority to ratify, reject, or amend such financial plan and, at the initiative of the local school board or in response to the supervisor of the school, to revise such financial plan to meet needs not foreseen at the time of preparation of the financial plan.
(4) Role of supervisor 
The supervisor of the school
(A) shall implement the decisions of the school board relating to the financial plan under paragraph (1);
(B) shall provide the appropriate local union representative of the education employees of the school with copies of proposed financial plans relating to the school and all modifications and proposed modifications to the plans, and at the same time submit such copies to the local school board; and
(C) may appeal any such action of the local school board to the appropriate education line officer of the Bureau agency by filing a written statement describing the action and the reasons the supervisor believes such action should be overturned.
(5) Statements 

(A) In general 
A copy of each statement filed under paragraph (4)(C) shall be submitted to the local school board and such board shall be afforded an opportunity to respond, in writing, to such appeal.
(B) Overturned actions 
After reviewing such written appeal and response, the appropriate education line officer may, for good cause, overturn the action of the local school board.
(C) Transmission of determination 
The appropriate education line officer shall transmit the determination of such appeal in the form of a written opinion to such board and to such supervisor identifying the reasons for overturning such action.
(c) Tribal division of education, self-determination grant and contract funds 
The Secretary may approve applications for funding tribal divisions of education and developing tribal codes of education, from funds made available pursuant to section 450h (a) of this title.
(d) Technical assistance and training 
In carrying out this section, a local school board may request technical assistance and training from the Secretary, and the Secretary shall, to the maximum extent practicable, provide those services and make appropriate provisions in the budget of the Office for the provision of those services.
(e) Summer program of academic and support services 

(1) Plan 

(A) In general 
A financial plan under subsection (b) of this section for a school may include, at the discretion of the local administrator and the school board of such school, a provision for a summer program of academic and support services for students of the school.
(B) Prevention activities 
Any such program may include activities related to the prevention of alcohol and substance abuse.
(C) Summer use 
The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs shall provide for the use of any such school facility during any summer in which such use is requested.
(2) Use of other funds 
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, funds authorized under the Act of April 16, 1934 [25 U.S.C. 452 et seq.], and this Act may be used to augment the services provided in each summer program at the option, and under the control, of the tribe or Indian controlled school receiving such funds.
(3) Technical assistance and program coordination 
The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, acting through the Director of the Office, shall
(A) provide technical assistance and coordination for any program described in paragraph (1); and
(B) to the extent practicable, encourage the coordination of such programs with any other summer programs that might benefit Indian youth, regardless of the funding source or administrative entity of any such program.
(f) Cooperative agreements 

(1) Implementation 

(A) In general 
From funds allotted to a Bureau school under section 2007 of this title, the Secretary shall, if specifically requested by the appropriate tribal governing body, implement a cooperative agreement that is entered into between the tribe, the Bureau, the local school board, and a local public school district that meets the requirements of paragraph (2) and involves the school.
(B) Terms 
The tribe, the Bureau, the school board, and the local public school district shall determine the terms of an agreement entered into under subparagraph (A).
(2) Coordination provisions 
An agreement under paragraph (1) may, with respect to the Bureau school and schools in the school district involved, encompass coordination of all or any part of the following:
(A) The academic program and curriculum, unless the Bureau school is accredited by a State or regional accrediting entity and would not continue to be so accredited if the agreement encompassed the program and curriculum.
(B) Support services, including procurement and facilities maintenance.
(C) Transportation.
(3) Equal benefit and burden 

(A) In general 
Each agreement entered into under paragraph (1) shall confer a benefit upon the Bureau school commensurate with the burden assumed by the school.
(B) Limitation 
Subparagraph (A) shall not be construed to require equal expenditures, or an exchange of similar services, by the Bureau school and schools in the school district.
(g) Product or result of student projects 
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in a case in which there is agreement on action between the superintendent and the school board of a Bureau-funded school, the product or result of a project conducted in whole or in major part by a student may be given to that student upon the completion of such project.
(h) Matching fund requirements 

(1) Not considered Federal funds 
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, funds received by a Bureau-funded school under this chapter for education-related activities (not including funds for construction, maintenance, and facilities improvement or repair) shall not be considered Federal funds for the purposes of a matching funds requirement for any Federal program.
(2) Limitation 
In considering an application from a Bureau-funded school for participation in a program or project that requires matching funds, the entity administering such program or project or awarding such grant shall not give positive or negative weight to such application based solely on the provisions of paragraph (1).
[1] So in original. Probably should be “paragraph (1)”.